A Remembraunce of the Life Death and Vertues of the Most Noble and Honourable Lord Thomas Late Earle of Sussex Who Deceased at Barmesey the 11th of June 1583
The Fugitive Slave Law in Wisconsin with Reference to Nullification Sentiment
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 18 Issue 5
A Sermon [On 1 Cor I 21] Preached at the Triennial Visitation of the Lord Bishop of Hereford
A Discourse Delivered Before the New England Society in the City of New York
The Birmingham Free Libraries
The Wrights Chaste Wife or a Fable of a Wryght That Was Maryde to a Pore Wydows Dowtre The Whiche Wydow Havyng Noo Good to Geve with Her Gave as for a Precyous Johelle to Hym a Rose Garlond The Whyche She Affermyd Wold Never Fade While She Kept T
The Great Danger of Covenant-Breaking Being
A Plain Path-Way Opened to the Simple Hearted and an Answer to All Doubts and Objections Arising in Them Against the Inward Appearances of Divine Light and Truth Which Have Kept Many from Obedience and So from Peace to Their Panting Souls
The Government of the South by the Plain People
The Camp on Hamdon Hill
The Psychology of Manual Training
A Letter to REV Leonard Bacon Part 4
A Plan for Child Training
An Address on the Life and Character of the Late Richard H Menefee
The Confession of Faith Covenant and Principles of Discipline and Practice of the Union Church in Groton Mass
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 27 Issue 4
The Geography of Middlesex
The Crisis--Slavery or Freedom
The Life of General Putnam
An Address Delivered at South Deerfield August 31 1838 on the Completion of the Bloody Brook Monument Erected in Memory of Capt Lothrop and His Associates
The Duties of Teachers An Address Delivered Before the Associate Alumni of the Merrimack Normal Institute First Annual Meeting Sept 4 1850
Electrolytic Determinations and Separations with the Use of a Rotating Anode
The Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy A Poem
A Few Words on the Finances Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Memoir of Stephen Colwell Read Before the American Philosophical Society
The Barbarism of Slavery Speech of Hon Charles Sumner on the Bill for the Admission of Kansas as a Free State in the United States Senate June 4 1860 Volume 1
An Address Delivered at the Democratic Whig Festival Volume 1
A Talk on the Psalms
An Address to the Freemen of Rhode-Island
An Oration Delivered Before the Transylvania Whig Society February 22d 1835
A Letter from Oxford Concerning Mr Samuel Johnsons Late Book
American English A Paper Read Before the Albany Institute June 6 1882 with Revision and Addition
The Sanitary Conditions and Necessities of School-Houses and School Life
The Real Chickamauga
A Sketch of the Pre-Shakespearian Drama
The Rubber Industry in the Territories of Manica and Sofala
The Queen of Carminia
A Letter to Adam Smith on the Life Death and Philosophy of His Friend David Hume
What Is at Stake in the War
Ethics and the Larger Neighborhood
As Good as Gold
Politische Entwickelung Babyloniens Und Assyriens Die
Four Weeks Among Some of the Sioux Tribes of Dakota and Nebraska
Documents Diplomatiques Negociations Pour La Paix Entre LEspagne Et Les Etats-Unis 1898
The Bay State Forty-Fourth A Regimental Record
Society of Colonial Wars
The Descent from the Cross A Poem Delivered in Hartford October 28 1841
Time and History in Contemporary Philosophy with Special Reference to Bergson and Croce
Soils of the San Luis Valley Colorado
The Vailan or Annular Theory A Synopsis of Prof IN Vails Argument in Support of the Claim
Admirals All and Other Verses
Rules and Regulations Fo the Insane Asylum of California Prescribed by the Resident Physician Augu
To Neutral Peace-Lovers A Plea for Patience
Origin and History of the Joslin Family
Some Belding Genealogy Being Some of the Descendants of Richard Belding of Staffordshire England
Letter to an Assistant Barrister on Unexhausted Tillages and Manures Under the Land ACT
Jeunesse de Favart La
Chemical Geology
States vs Territories a True Solution of the Territorial Question
The State of the Country An Oration
Insects Injurious to Stored Grains and Their Ground Products
The Influence of Sulphur on the Color of Azo Dyes
The Coronation of Winter A Discourse Delivered at Amherst College and Mount Holyoke Seminary Soon
How to Tell Bible Stories to Jewish Children
The Early History of the Congregational Church and Society of North Branford Delivered in the Con
This Misery of Boots
The Angel Over the Right Shoulder or the Beginning of a New Year
The Principles of Menu Making
Market Potential for US Agricultural Commodities in Select Mideastern and North African Countries
Halleys Comet An Evening Discourse to the British Association at Their Meeting at Dublin Septe
Masks and Acting
The Benefits Which Society Derives from Universities An Address
Psychological Aspects of the Problem of Atmospheric Smoke Pollution
Brief Explanation of Some Philosophical and Other Instruments Placed in the United States Division of the Industrial Exhibition of All Nations Hyde Park London By J Ericsson
Historical Address on the Occasion of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary
The Erie Canal Its Origin Its Success and Its Necessity
The Amores of Ovid a Lecture Delivered in the Hall of Corpus Christi College on Tuesday June 11 1912
Anglo-Canadian Copyright
The Poet Li Po AD 701-762
A Glimpse of the United States Military Telegraph Corps and of Abraham Lincoln
Eigenart Der Biblischen Religion Die
Anomalous Osmosis with Gold Beaters Skin Membranes and the Relation of Osmosis to Cell Potential
On the Relation Between the Radioactivity and the Composition of Thorium and Uranium Minerals
The Cocoanut with Reference to Its Products and Cultivation in the Philippines
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Hon Thomas Allen in the First Church Pittsfield Mass April 11 1882
A Preliminary Study of the Distribution Food and Reproductive Capacity of Some Fresh-Water Amphipods
A Report of Progress 1874-1889-Z
The Historic Muse of Mount MacGregor One of the Adirondacks Near Saratoga
A Charge Delivered Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Sketch of the Changars and of Their Dialect
Key to Hunters Introduction to the Writing of Precis or Digests Giving the Required Abridgments of All the Exercises in That Treatise
Education Through Experience A Four Year Experiment in the Ethical Culture School
A Communication from the City Physician on Asiatic Cholera
A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and Members of the Church from the Bishops Assembled in General Convention1835
A Critical Edition of Some of Chaucers Minor Porms
A Century Sermon
A Few Words in Reply to Some Remarks Upon the Present System and Management of Eton School
The Church of the Living God A New Years Sermon Preached by Reverend Charles F Russell at Weston Mass on Sunday January the Second Nineteen Hundred and Sixteen
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 82 Issue 6
Captain Tollemachs Journal of the Proceedings of HMS Scorpion June 21 1775-September 18 1775
Liability of the Government of Great Britain for the Depredations of Rebel Privateers on the Commerce of the United States Considered
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 12 Issue 7
The Answere of Adam
Routes to Indian Agencies and Schools with Their Post Office and Telegraphic Addresses and Nearest Railroad Stations
An Appeal in Behalf of Louisiana
An Historical Discourse
A Century of Presidents of the United States from George Washington 1789 to Benjamin Harrison 1889
A Difference of Opinion Concerning the Reasons Why Katharine Winthrop Refused to Marry Chief Justice Sewall
The Ants of Casco Bay Maine with Observations on Two Races of Formica Sanguinea Latreille
A Discourse Delivered in Harvard Church Charlestown July 14 1839 on Taking Leave of His Society
An Address to the Citizens of Philadelphia on the Subject of Slavery
A Letter to the REV Henry Hart Milman MA Reputed Author of a History of the Jews in the Fifth Sixth and Ninth Volumes of the Family Library Deprecating the Republication of That Work
An Introductory Lecture Delivered in the University of Maryland
A Legal View of the Seizure of Messrs Mason and Slidell
A Discrouse Delivered on Sabbath Evening
An Address to the Anit-Slavery Christians of the United States Volume 2
A Letter from a Minister in the Country to a Member of the Convocation
A Letter to the Right Hon Sir John Coleridge Visitor of the House of Mercy Ditchingham Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Critical Attitude of the French Mind
A Brief Memorial of Philip Marett
The Survey-Idea in Country-Life Work
The Way of the Children of Jesus
The Answers
The Annual Report of the Association for the Care of Coloured Orphans
An Outline of the True Sect of Buddhism
Fragment of Aelfrics Translation of Aethelwolds de Consuetudine Monachorum and Its Relation to Other Mss
The Alamo a Patriotic Address Dedicated to the Memory of Our Fallen Heroes
Score Card for City School Buildings
To the Right Honovrable the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament The Humble Advice of the Assembly of Divines Sitting at Westminster Concerning a Shorter Catechism
The Old Markets of New Brunswick
Christ the Only Foundation A Sermon Delivered at the Dedication of the Church-Edifice in Court Street Erected by the Third Congregational Society in New Haven December 7 1841
The Doctrine of the Atonement Considered Especially in Reference to Recent Objections
Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Association of Trustees Superintendents and Matrons of County Asylums for Chronic Insane of Wisconsin
The Entertaining History of Tommy Gingerbread A Little Boy Who Lived Upon Learning
The Pretenders Flight Or a Mock Coronation with the Humours of the Facetious Harry Saint John a Tragi-Comical Farce Being the Sequel of the Earl of Mar Marrd by Mr Philips
Second General Announcement
Further Railway Convention Between the Orange Free State and the Cape Colony
The Burning of the Amazon
English Reprints [No 1-30] Volume 5
Catalogue of Historical Fiction in the Library
What Is a Liberal Education An Address
Immigration Laws and Regulations August 1903
Membership Roll May 1891
Annual Report - University of Saskatchewan Volume 1920-1921
Tides a Book of Poems
Haymarket Theatre A Short History of the School for Scandal the Rivals and She Stoops to Conquer
Remarks of Hon Daniel Webster in the Senate of the United States June 17 1850 Together with Mr Websters Letter to Robert H Gardiner Esq and Other Citizens of Maine Volume 2
Geological History of the Yellowstone National Park
The United States and the Expansion of the Law Between Nations
The Use of Commercial Fertilizers in Growing Carnations
Sharon Massachusetts the Healthiest Town in New England Volume 1
Marketing Boundary Lines Between Texas and New Mexico and Oklahoma
Lincolns First Love
Veto Messages of His Excellency John Sparks Governor of the State of Nevada Legislature of 1903
Fertilizing Tobacco
Sir William Fergusson Bart A Biogr Sketch
Petroglyphs of Saint Vincent British West Indies
Relation of Sectioning a Class to the Effectiveness of Instruction
Portrait of Washington
Channel Tunnel Great Speech in the House of Commons 1888
Reply of Mr Waite Counsel of the United States to the Argument of the Counsel of Great Britain Upon the Special Question as to Supplies of Coal in British Ports to Confederate Ships
The Proposed British North American Confederation Why It Should Not Be Imposed Upon the Colonies by Imperial Legislation
Disclosures of a German Staff Officer The Letter of Paul Ehrhardt Merchant Soldier and Spy
Modern Bath Rooms With Useful Information and a Number of Valuable Suggestions about Plumbing for Home Builders or Those about to Remodel Their Present Dwellings
Joseph K F Mansfield Brigadier General of the US Army
Educational Journalism an Address Before the New York State Teachers Association at Its Thirty-Sixth Annual Meeting Saratoga Springs August 7 1881
The Abolitionist
Cornerstone Club Cook Book
Prize Medal Essay Contest by the High School Scholars and Schools of Equal Grade of the State of Missouri
Yarico to Inkle An Epistle
A New System of Reading
The Old Maid a Comedy in Two Acts
Law and Regulations Concerning Documentary and Proprietary Stamps Under the Act of June 13 1898
Inauguration of Ethelbert Dudley Warfield as President of Miami University
Essays on Asylums for Inebriates
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 10 Issue 2
At Stratford Festival A Poem
Woman Suffrage Or the Child-Bearing Woman and Civilizatio
The Indians in the Woods
Illustrations of African Lycaenidae Being Photographic Representations of Type Specimens Contained
Mechanical Maneuvers
Historical Address Delivered in Monticello Illinois June 27 1855 at the Seventeenth Anniversary
American Courts in China
The Husking Bee
Bacon or Shakespeare an Historical Enquiry
An Address Delivered on the Consecration of the Worcester Rural Cemetery September 8 1838
Historical Address Delivered in the First Congregational Church in Stamford
Cambridge Against Belmont
The Track Accounts of Railroads and How They Should Be Kept
A Few Facts Respecting the American Colonization Society and the Colony at Liberia
Folie Tristan La An Anglo-Norman Poem
The Lure O the Line
The Stone Hammer and Its Various Uses
The Evolution of Democracy
The Fruit of the Homeless Life The Samannaphala Sutta
Uber Den Animus Im Recht Des Besitzes Der Romer
A Bunch of Roses
A Sermon Preached in Park Street Church on the Sunday Succeeding the Death of Daniel Webster
The Newspaper Press as a Power Both in the Expression and Formation of Public Opinion
The Southern States Hardened Until Ruined a Sermon Preached in Salem on Fast Day April 13th 1865
A Remedy for Industrial Warfare
Primary Segments of the Vertebrate Head Preliminary Paper
A Primer of the Peace Movement
The Divinely Prepared Ruler
The Original Order of Nature Our Model and the Spirit of God Our Guide in the Work of Education
The Religion of St Augustine Extracts from the Writings of That Father
Irrigation and Drainage Investigations of the Office of Experiment Stations US Department of Agriculture
A Sermon Delivered at Shrewsbury
The Historical Method in the Study of Religion
A Directory of the Kansas Historical Exhibit in the Kansas State Building
How to Study Effectively
The Gyroscope References to Books and Magazine Articles
Coming of the Loyalists
The Voice of the Wildflowers A Fantasy
A Sermon on the Present National Troubles Delivered in the Winter Street Church January 4 1861
The Trustee
A Poem Entitled Lucys-Pony
The Career and the Words of Washington Address of Hon Oscar W Underwood of Alabama Delivered at the Annual Banquet of the State Society of the Cincinnati Held in Philadelphia Pa on Washingtons Birthday February 22 1912
A Garden of Yesterday
The Public Interest Involved in the Cornell Forestry Experiment
The Randolph Epistles Volume 2
The Changes of Earth a Poem
An Address Delivered Before the MD State Agricultural Society at Its Annual Exhibition at Baltimore
The Voice of the Muse
The Usurer in Elizabethan Drama
The Vegetable Brownies on a Frolic
An Oration Delivered in Brattleborough July 4th--1811
The Picture That I Saw
The Rebuke of Secession Doctrines Volume 2
The Lighting of the Christmas Tree
An Address Delivered at Chester Before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Toiling of Felix A Legend on a New Saying of the Christ
The Pick of Oakham
A Memoir of George Chambers of Chambersburg Late Vice-President of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Wilson Original Lace Book With Half-Tone Illustrations Complete Instructions for the Reproduction of Each Design
A Brief History of the First Church in Sutton Mass Contained in a Sermon Preached Jan 2D 1842
Defense of Rumselling Or a Peep Behind the Curtain Among the Wires
The Gates of Righteousness and the Blessedness of Entering Into Them a Sermon
The Isthmian Routes
A Discourse Delivered Before the New England Society in the City of New-York December 22 1851
A Suggestion for a British Decimal Currency and Decimal System of Accounts
Nathan Hale a Poem Delivered Before the Alumni Association of Columbia College October 27 1858
Songs and Odes
An Indexed Catalogue of Books in the Department of Local History and Genealogy
Political Achievements of the Earl of Dalkeith
Priestcraft Defended A Sermon Occasioned by the Expulsion of Six Young Gentlemen from the University at Oxford for Praying Reading and Expounding the Scriptures
Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society Volumes 21-22
Addresses of the Commencement Exercises of Cooper Medical College November 1886
The Country Library Versus the Donor and the Architect
The Presidents Report to the Board of Regents for the Year Ending June 30 1876
A Letter to the Lords Temporal and Spiritual of Her Majestys Realm On the Present Relation of Church and State Its Perils and Safeguards
Assurdi Ed Incoerenze Dellarticolo 351 del Codice Penale
Report of JJ Williams Chief Engineer Upon the Location of the Tehuantepec Railway and Carriage Road Across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec with the Map and Profiles as Approved by the Government of Mexico July 1st 1870 And His Report on the Subject of
Imperial Ship Canal from London to Portsmouth Mr Cundys Reply to Anonymous and Other Authors of Malignant Abuse and Misrepresentation on His Projected Line
Official Correspondence Regarding the Existence of Coal and Iron in the Punjab
The King of the Jingoes a Transformation Play by Virtus
Census of Manufactures 1914
The Osmotic Pressure of Cane Sugar Solutions at
Flowers of the French Riviera
How Little Cedric Became a Knight
The Brothers An Eclogue
Why Am I a Jew? IDiscourse Delivered Before Sinai Congregation Chicago1895
Roosevelt Night Middlesex Club
LAbbe Jean Holmes Et Ses Conferences de Notre-Dame Etude Litteraire Et Biographique
Argument of Fred H Williams
The Art of the Spoken Word
The First Five Hundred Days of a Childs Life V Language
The Administration and the Opposition
An Outline of the Development of the Internal Commerce of the United States 1789-1900
A Collection of Acts of the Imperial Parliament Affecting the Constitution of New Zealand
Remarks on the Late Miracle in a Letter to Doctor Doyle
Letters of the Hon Joseph Holt the Hon Edward Everett
A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese and Jurisdiction of Gibraltar
The Felsitic Lavas of England and Wales with an Introductory Description of the Chief Characters of This Group of Rocks
Libretto of Mefistofele Opera in Four Acts
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Industry Volume 7 Issue 6
Hampshire Water-Colours
Souvenir of the Better Farming Special Boston Albany Railroad March 30 31 April 1 2 1910
Speech of Hon William D Kelley in the Northrop-Kelley Debate Delivered in the Hall of the Spring Garden Institute on Thursday Evening September 29 1864
Slaveholding Not Sinful
When the Fates Decree
Proceedings of a Council of War Held at Burke Jail Georgia January 14th 1779 with a Narrative of the Subsequent Proceedings and the Proclamation Issued by Lieut Col James Ingram
Sketch of MDonald Clarke the Mad Poet
Smith the Aviator A Comedy
Suggestions for Rural Schools
Stay in the High School and Go to College
What the Public Schools of Indiana Are Doing in Prevocational Agricultural Work
Speech for Connecticut Being an Historical Estimate of the State Volume 1
To the People of the Congressional District Composed of the Counties of Fayette Woodford and Clarke in Kentucky Volume 1
Uncle Si A Comedy in Four Acts Originally Produced Under the Title of Paradise Regained
William W Foulkrod (Late a Representative from Pennylvania) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States Sixty-First Congress Third Session Volume 2
Robert and Mary
Smile and Sing and Other Verses
William P Borland (Late a Representative from Missouri) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Fifth Congress Third Session March 2 1919 Volume 1
Twice Loved
Souvenir of the Battle of Manila Bay Philippine Islands May 1st 1898
Under Sailing Orders A Comedy in One Act
Special Report of the State Board of Education for the Scholastic Year Ending August 31 1883 Being the Ninth Report from the Department of Education of the State of Texas
Report of Executive Committee November 1 1917
Some Prominent Buildings in the Newer Boston
Poor Me a Comedy in Two Scenes
Souvenir Soldiers and Sailors of All Wars Reunion
Report of the Committee on Address
Report of Ogden Public School Survey Commission
The Praise of the Wrath of Man And the Rebuilding of the World Two Sermons
State of the Union Speech of Hon Garnett B Adrain of New Jersey in the House of Representatives January 15 1861 Volume 1
Protection and Regulation of the Seal Fisheries of Alaska
Rita the Rustic Maiden
Ryland a Comedy
Requiem Dedicated to the Memory of the Slain in Battle
Reminiscences Sketches of Confederate Times
Soul Poems
Punishment or Pardon Force or Freedom for the Wasted Land
Register of the Commandery of the State of Kansas to August 1st 1895
The Political Record of Hon S C Pomeroy as Shown by His Own Party Newspaper Press in Kansas and Other States Viz Leavenworth Times New York Tribune
Proceedings of a Masonic Festival in Commemoration of the Birth-Day of Washington And the Anniversary of Doric Lodge No 280 of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons Held on the Evening of February 22d 1855 at Their Hall
Schemes in Dirt A Sequel to Back Lot Schemes a Compendium of Unique Unusual and Novel Stunts in Getting Easy Profits from a Back Yard a City Lot or a Little Bit of Ground
Protest and Appeal in Re American Relief Action for Poland Filed with the Department of State of the United States of America
Poetical Efforts
Address on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln ?C by the Hon Richard S Field
The Ordinances and Resolutions of the Convention Held in the City of Austin 28th of January 1861
A Soldiers Story Prison Life and Other Incidents in the War of 1861-65
Catechism on Natural Gas
The Plan of Reform Proposed by Sir Francis Burdett Correctly Reported in Two Speeches Delivered
The High School Course in German
Catalogue of Le Sage Collection
A Poem Delivered at the Reunion of the Forty-Ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers
The Uses of Poetry
Ethical Problems of the War
Catalogue of the Library and Names of Members of the Philomathesian Society of Kenyon College
Regulations for General Hindmans Division in Camp
A Justification of the Censorship of Plays (Together with a Demand for the Extension of the Principle of That Office to Other Branches of the Public Service)
Library Rooms and Buildings
Sir Walter Scott
Speech of Col Curtis M Jacobs on the Free Colored Population of Maryland Delivered in the House
A Brief Hand-List of Original and Early Editions of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to Wither Exhibited at the Grolier Club May 11 to 25 1893
Fragments from Heloise Abelard
Charities the Relation of the State the City and the Individual to Modern Philanthropic Work
Christmas vs Fourth of July
The Anvil
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 87 Issue 6
Third Report on the Exploration at Dog Holes Warton Crag Lancs
Agriculture Appropriation Bill Hearings Before the Committee on Agriculture House of Representativ
Zoning Ordinance of
Columbia South Carolina
For the British Association Swansea Meeting
Indians Legends
Legends of Leys Collected from Oral Traditions of the Burnett Family and Occasional Verses
Secular Perturbations Arising from the Action of Saturn Upon Mars An Application of the Method of
British Policy Towards the American Indians in the South 1763-8
Flowers Letters from Lexington (June 25 1819) and the Illinois (August 16 1819)
Documents Relating to the Boundaries of the Northern Neck
Personification of Soul and Body
Is the Pentateuch Historically True? Containing All Bishop Colensos Arguments in Favour of the Re
Rules of Life
Map of the World
Chronicle of the Rebellion in Lincolnshire 1470
Declarations of Trust as Effective Substitutes for Incorporation
Female Suffrage
Natick Massachusetts Its Advantages for Residence and as a Place of Business
Considerations Relative to a Southern Confederacy
Statement with Reference to the Knights Baronets of Nova Scotia Their Creations Privileges and Te
Regulations Concerning Right of Way Over Public Lands and Reservations for Canals Ditches and Rese
English History Outlined
William Pitt Fessenden A Memoir Prepared for the New-England Historical and Genealogical Register for April 1871
University of Colorado Military and Naval Service Roll
Dedication of the Monument Erected by the State of Colorado to the Memory of Colorado Soldiers of the Federal Army Who Fell During the Civil War October 9th 1907
Gen Ulysses Simpson Grant in Poetry and History Volume 1
IE Cote de Guermantes
Africa a Poem
Why? When? What? a Brief Statement of the Origin Progress and Differentiating Doctrines of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Consolidation of Forest Lands in Oregon
White Family Quarterly
Constitution and By-Laws of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the State of West Virginia
Address Delivered at the Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of New Boston New Hampshire July 4 1863
Breaking the Engagement a Farce in One Act
Brittains Poems
Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the N Y State Agricultural Society
Emerson and German Personality
Fallen Majesty
Discourse Delivered at the Funeral of John W Maury Trinity Church Washington February 4 1855
Arizona Fish and Game Law
Annual Address of Gen A W Greely
Currency in the East
The One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln Allentown Pennsylvania February 12th 1909 Lyric Theatre
Called Away a Drama in Four Acts
Principle Insects Liable to Be Distributed on Nursery Stock
Wounds of the Brain An Essay Read by Appointment Before the Luzerne County Medical Society at Wilkes-Barre Jany 14 1885
The Sword of America A Masque of the War
The Miserie of Flaunders Calamitie of Fraunce Misfortune of Portugall Unquietnes of Irelande Troubles of Scotlande And the Blessed State of Englande
Laws of Wisconsin Relating to Industrial Education
Charge and Specification Against David E Herold George A Atzerodt Lewis Payne Michael OLaughlin John H Surratt Edward Spangler Samuel Arnold Mary E Surratt and Samuel A Mudd
Map Reading from the Infantry Journal
The Emancipation Proclamation and Arbitrary Arrests!! Speech of Hon Gilbert Dean of New York on the Governors Annual Message Delivered in the House of Assembly of the State of New York February 12 1863
Plans for Vocational Education in Minnesota Under the Provisions of the Federal Law Known as the Smith-Hughes ACT
James Hobbs Hanson LL D
Stained Glass Windows An Essay with a Report to the Vestry on Stained Glass Windows for Grace Church Lockport New York
Count Cavour
Bulletin for Administrative Authorities of Universities and Colleges
Teachers Manual and Course of Study (Based Upon and to Accompany the California State Series Texts in Arithmetic)
Report to the Massachusetts Association for the Relief of California
Voluntary Abortion or Fashionable Prostitution with Some Remarks Upon the Operation of Craniotomy
Grammatik Der Achener Mundart
The Old Testament and Its Critics The Introductory Lecture Delivered on Tuesday November 3rd
Indians of North America
Organization for the Manufacture of Dairy Products
Who Plants a Tree
Washingtons Bequest to His Fellow-Citizens an Address Delivered at a Centenary of Memorial Services Held at Wiscasset Me January 1st 1800 by Lincoln Lodge No 3 F and A M
Address to the Agricultural Organizations in the United States
The Window Curtain and Circumstantial Evidence Two Monologues Adaptations
Symbolisms T Carl Whitmer
Year Book of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the State of Virginia
Speech of Mr Bayly of Accomack on the Bill to Prevent Citizens of New York from Carrying Slaves Out of This Commonwealth and to Prevent the Escape of Persons Charged with the Commission of Any Crime and in Reply to Mr Scott of Fauquier Delivered in
Heigh-O! for the Christmas-Tide
Speech of Hon W P Fessenden
Wallace a Poem
Suggestions on Landscape Gardening
Two Weeks Vacation in New York the Nations Best Summer Resort
Track Relay and Cross-Country Rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association
Visit of the British Educational Mission to the United States October-December 1918
Thoughts on New Thought
Address to the Two Branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts November 11 1863
Timothy Delanos Courtship A Comedy in Two Acts
Speech of Mr George Ashmun of Massachusetts in Reply to the Attack of C J Ingersoll Upon Daniel Webster Delivered in the House of Representatives of the U S April 27 1846 Volume 2
Address Delivered Before the New-York State Agricultural Society
Belgium and the War
Baltimore and Its Surroundings
Historical Notes Concerning the Vegetable Fibres
A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of His Excellency William Eustis Esq Late Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Presence of the Constituted Authorities of the State February 11 1825
Queen Christmas a Pageant Play
An Entirely Original Fairy Opera in Two Acts Entitled Iolanthe Or the Peer and the Peri
Proceedings of the Corporation and Citizens of Washington on the Occasion of the Death of John Quincy Adams Who Died in the Capitol on Wednesday Evening February 23 1848 Volume 1
Taylor Whigery Exposed
The Widows Sons
An Answer to the Remarks and Recommendations of Her Majestys Commissioners for Inquiring Into the State C of the University of Cambridge So Far as They Relate to Kings College Addressed to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Palmerston
Songs of Hope
A Dream of Fair Women Edited by Hubert M Skinne
A Study of the Massachusetts Wood-Using Industries
The Maccabaea Volume 23 No 4
Shadows in the Glass
The Universal Body Law
Sonnets of Love and Life
Report of the Plattsburgh Centenary Commission
Sideways and Backward
A Sketch of the Life and Public Services of William H Harrison Commander in Chief of the North Western Army During the War of 1812 C
A Discourse Commemorative of the Hon George Perkins Marsh LL D Delivered Before the Faculty and Students of Dartmouth College June 5 1883 and Repeated Before the Trustees Faculty and Students of the University of Vermont June 25 1883
President McKinleys Last and Greatest Speech Outlining His Masterly and Statesmanlike Policy for the American Nation And President Roosevelts Proclamation of That Speech as the Policy of His Administration
The Presidents Death
Seymour His Past and Present Position Volume 1
The Plague of Kaiserdom
The Line of No Resistance a Comedy in One Act
The Story of the Old French Market New Orleans
A Visit to Sir Douglas Haig
A Bibliography of Beaumont and Fletcher
The State Institutions of Higher Education in Texas Their Past Services
A Decided Case a Dramatic Sketch in One Act
An Architectural Monographs on the Wooden Architecture of the Lower Delaware Valley
A Brief Hand-List of the Selected Parcels in the Shakespearian and Dramatic Collections of JO Halliwell-Phillipps
A Few Suggestions Respectfully Submitted to the People of Texas Her State and Railroad Officials
A Merry Widow Hat A Farce in One Act for Female Characters
The Worlds Student Christian Federation Origin Objects and Significance of the Federation The Convention at Northfield and Williamstown Some Achievements of the First Two Years
The Love Pirate
The Wreckers Daughter [A Play in Five Acts]
The Different Principles on Which the Chief Systems of Popular Representation Have Been Based in Ancient and Modern Times A Prize Essay Read in the Theatre Oxford June 20th 1855
The Numismatist Volume 22
The Carpenters Son the Leader of Men a Christmas Preparation Sermon
An Oration Delivered in St Michaels Church Charleston South-Carolina On Tuesday the Fourth of July 1815 In Commemoration of American Independence
An Appeal for the Future Preservation of the Home and Grave of Washington
A Lecture on the Topography and History of New York Volume 1
The Strength We Get from Sweets How Sugar--One of the Chief Sources of Heat and Energy--Serves Man at Every Age
The Story of the Innumerable Company
An Ordinance for the Better Regulation of the Firemen of the City of New York
The Incidents of the Lecompton Struggle in Congress and the Campaign of 1858 in Illinois Speech of Hon William Kellogg of Illinois
The Great Idea
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania
The Library of the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts Military Order of the Loyal Legion 1914
The Geographical Distribution of Forest Trees in Canada
A Sermon Preached on the Occasion of the Death of Miss Mary Elizabeth Tenny Former Principal of Montebello Institute
The Proceedings of Two Meetings Held in Boston on the 7th 14th July to Protest Against the Nomination of Gen Scott for the Presidency and to Recommend Hon Daniel Webster for That Office
The Salvation of Jemmy Slang
A Souvenir of J G Whittier Eight Etchings on Japanese Paper
A Nations Ideal Why We Were Neutral and Why We Are Now at War Address Before University City Club St Louis Mo October 23 1917
The Interest in Slavery of the Southern Non-Slave-Holder the Right of Peaceful Secession Slavery in the Bible Volume 1
The Slavery Question Speech of Hon Daniel Wallace of South Carolina in the House of Representatives April 8 1850 in Committee of the Whole in the State of the Union on the Presidents Message Communicating the Constitution of California
The Scholars A Poetical Talisman
An Overture to William Tell
The Musician
The Song of Mysticism
The Spirit Dirge and Other Poems
A Response to the Draft
A Sermon on Occasion of the Death of Hon Archibald Macintyre
A Treatise on Negro Colonization a Plan for Colonizing All the Negroes in the United States on Foreign Territory
The Normal Days Work of Farm Implements Workmen and Crews in Western New York
The Robbery of the Treasury of East Jersey in 1768 and Contemporaneous Events a Paper Read Before the New Jersey Historical Society September 12 1850
The Name They Have Forgot!
Lough Fea
The System of High Licenses How It Can Be Made Successful
Legal Education A Speech Delivered in the House of Commons on Tuesday July 11 1871 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Hauskind in Mancipio Das Eine Rechtsgeschichtliche Abhandlung
The Ternary Linear Transformation Group Gand Its Complete Invariant System
Brief Notices of a Small Number of the Shakespeare Rarities That Are Preserved in the Rustic Wigwam at Hollingbury Copse Near Brighton
Quarterly of the Colorado School of Mines Volume 9 Issue 3
A Study in Heat Transmission (the Transmission of Heat to Water in Tubes as Affected by the Velocity of the Water)
A Study of the Light Curve of the Variable Star U Pegasi Based on the Observations of Harvard College Observatory Circular No 23
The Storm A Play in One Act
The Taxpayer and the Township System an Address Delivered July 2 1891 Before the State Teachers Association of New Jersey
A Study of Consciousness Intelligence and Matter
The Sugar-Plumb Or Golden Fairing
An Undivided White South Africa The Ideal Union and How It May Be Achieved
Bureau of Plant Industry
The Two Faiths
The Tariff Speech of Hon Levi Maish of Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives May 17 1888
The Type of the Panama Canal
A Laymans Charge to the Clergy of the Church of England [Signed Philo-Cranmer]
The Causes and Effects of a Public Utility Commission Address Delivered Before the Illinois Gas Association at Chicago Ill March 16 1911
Verses by a Soldier Over There
Zampa or the Marble Bride Opera in Three Acts
A Christmas Wreath Poems
One Hundred Years of Savings Bank Service A Brief Account of the Origin Growth and Present Condition of the Provident Institution for Savings in the Town of Boston
The Verdigris Valley Independence and Western Railroad Company to American Loan and Trust Company Trustee First Mortgage Issue Limited to $10000 Per Mile of Completed Road
Etching Described and Simplified by a Practical Engraver [C Castle]
An University Prize Poem On His Majestys Entrance Upon the Fiftieth Year of His Reign
Christianity and Christian Learning
AIDS to Government an Essay
The Speech of Sir Hercules Langrishe In the Irish House of Commons on the Subject of a Parliamentary Reform Spoken in 1785
Aristotle on Legal Redress
Tables of European Literature and History AD 200-1876
Measuring Textbooks
John MC Governs Poems
Rhode Island in Chicago Proceedings of the Annual Banquet and Reunion April 10th 1890
The Wholesome Life A Sermon in Memory of Charles Grout
The William Winter Testimonial Century Theatre Tuesday Afternoon March Fourteenth Nineteen Hundred and Sixteen
The Pilgrims of the Rock An Oration Delivered in the First Congregational Church Before the Society of the Sons of New England of Philadelphia at Their Second Anniversary on the 22d December 1845
Laws Regulating the Practice of Medicine in the State of California Passed April Third 1876 and April First 1878
Annual Reports of the Montreal Homoeopathic Hospital the Montreal Homoeopathic Association and College of Homoeopathic Physicians and Surgeons
The Spirit of a Christian Life A Tribute to the Memory of REV John MClintock President of Drew Theological Seminary
The Widows Son A Sketch from Real Life
Speech of Waddy Thompson of South Carolina in the House of Representatives of the United States Being in Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union Delivered February 5 1839
Some Literary Remains of Rim-Sin (Arioch) King of Larsa about 2885 BC
Sergeant Bates March Carrying the Stars and Stripes Unfurled from Vicksburg to Washington
The Financial Status of the Professor in America and in Germany
The Battle Forest a Poem
The Pioneer Ov Simplified Spelin Volume V3 No8
A Commenment Address Before the [Phi Beta Kappa] Society of Vassar Collge June 8 1903 the Thing to Do
The Baskerville Clyb Handlist No 1
Spriggins Quiet Afternoon a Rural Play in One Act
Address Delivered at Hombourg-Les-Bains
An Address to the Alumni of Columbia College
Images 1910-1915
Saint Francis of Assisi
Discourse Delivered at the Commemoration of the Landing of the Pilgrims of Maryland Celebrated May
St Louis a Handbook of Information Issued in Honor of the Visiting Teachers of England Scotland Ireland and Wales
Notes on Poems and Reviews
Eine Reise Nach Amasia Im Jahre 1555
The Pioneer Ov Simplified Spelin Volume V3 No3
Paul Morphy His Later Life
Constitution and by Laws of the Virginia City Nevada Miners Union No 46 of the Western Federation
How to Pay the Rent A Farce in One Act
Kindlings for Your Thinking Furnace
Holy Night
How to Trap and the Marketing of Your Furs Containing the Story of the Boy Trappers of Beaver Bend by George J Theissen
Jewish Welfare Board United States Army and Navy Co-Operating with and Under the Supervision of the War Department
Love Letters in Verse to a Musician
Historical Address on the Early Exploration and Settlement of the Mississippi Valley
The Great Questions of the Times Brief Report of Proceedings at the Great Inaugural Mass Meeting of the Loyal National League in Union Square New York on the Anniversary of Sumter April 11th 1863
Guide to the Lands of the Northern Pacific Railroad in Minnesota
Law and History
Major Thomas AP Thomas Jones of Bathurst Virginia A Revolutionary Soldier
Love and Tea
Information about Fish and How to Use Them
In Memoriam Stephen Bleecker Luce Rear Admiral United States Navy Born 1827 Died 1917 a Tribute
Idle Times Spent in Rhymes
James Abram Garfield
Ground Arms! an Oration Delivered at the Celebration of the One Hundred and Seventeenth Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence at the Invitation of the Councils of the City of Philadelphia in Independence Square July 4th 1893
Hearts Ease
McClellan Who He Is and What He Has Done
Sanitary Regulations and Control of Communicable Diseases 1917
Indian Diplomacy and the Opening of the Revolution in the West
Historical Outlines
Man or Baboon?
The Child Moses A Biblical Play
By-Laws of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia
Cardboard Construction Plate System
Address of the Delegates of the Native American National Convention
Corn Disease Investigations
Armenia Immolata
The Elopers A Farce-Comedy in One Act
African Colonization--Its Progress and Prospects
Fiscal Regulations Governing Employments in the Field
Educational Survey of Hart County Georgia
Address of Hugh N Smith
Cooperative Relations in Agricultural Development
Arkansas Speech of Hon Milton Sayler of Ohio in the House of Representatives March 2 1875
Documents and Facts Relative to Military Events
Annual Report
Easter Lilies
Address Subject General Washington
Finding the Mayflowers!
Address of Governor of Indiana
Daniel Webster the Orator An Address Delivered Before the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences and the New England Society of Brooklyn Volume 2
Clusters of Poetry
Columbias Jubilee in Light and Song
Argument of Samuel M Harrington Jr of Wilmington Delawar and Colonel S M Bowmen U S A in Defense of Edwin Wilmer
Where We Stood and Where We Stand
Views of Watertown and Vicinity
Utilization of Sycamore
Wheat and Flour Primer
Speech of Hon Timothy O Howe of Wisconsin in the Senate of the United States Monday the 25th of March 1878 on His Resoluton Calling on the President for Information Touching the Defaleation of W R Whittaker Strike But Hear!
What Are We Fighting About?
Thoughts on the Religious Instruction of the Negroes of This Country
a Uniform Rule for the Naturalization of Aliens Hearing Before the Committee on Immigration and Naturalization of the House of Representatives Tuesday January 23 1906 on the Bill H R 9964 Entitled a Bill to Establish a Bureau of Naturalization
What Will Jesus Say? and Other Poems
State of the Union Speech of Hon Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania
To the Freemen of the Counties of Carter Sullivan Washington Green and Hawkins
To the Whigs of Virginia Volume 1
Year-Book Volume 5
Three New Plant Introductions from Japan
Victorys Price
For Libertys Sake
Dotys Clothes Washer and Churn Power
Address of the Hon Joseph R Chandler
Time-Saving Cookery
Bills Affecting Interstate Commerce Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce House of Representatives 64th Congess 1st Session on HR 308 565 722 and SJ Res 60 February 1-29 1916
Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Church of Christ Congregational Newington Connecticut September 30 and October 1 1922
The Sheep-Fluke
The Lucianic Version of the Old Testament as Illustrated from Jeremiah 1-3
The Status of the Military Department in the Landgrant Colleges
The Pioneer Ov Simplified Spelin Volume V5 No3
The Nicaragua Canal Would It Pay the United States to Construct It? Remarks of CP Huntington at the Seventh Annual Banquet of the Chamber of Commerce of Galveston Texas March 16 1900
Fly Fishing for Trout and Bass
The Reorganization of the Republican Party
Flusser and the Albemarle
The Seventeenth Century Accounts of the Masters of the Revels
The Specie Circular Speech of Mr Webster (of Massachusetts) in the Senate Dec 21 1836
A Method of Determining the Specific Heat of a Gas at Constant Pressure
For Freedom
Crawford on Baileyism the Whole Story of the Unholy Alliance Between Senator Bailey and Standard Oil Volume 2
The Wisconsin Archeologis Volume 3 No1
Easter Carols
Final Report of the Commission to Provide for a Monument to the Memory of Wade Hampton
Five Playlets
The Spiritual Care of a Child
de Black Magician
A Mountain Campfire
A Law Relating to Primary Elections Illinois in Force July 1 1906
The Natural Wealth of the Land and Its Conservation Address Delivered by Mr James J Hill White House Washington at the Conference on the Conservation of National Resources May 13-15 1908
A Soul-Building School of Ideal Christian Life
Selections Written in the Reporting Style of Phonography Issue 2
Speech of Mr JJ Hardin of Illinois Reviewing the Public Life Political Principles of Mr Van Buren Delivered in the House of Representatives March 21 1844
A Vindication of the Principles of Authors of the Tracts for the Times
Some Particulars of the Last Illness and Death of Jane Wheeler Daughter of the Late Daniel Wheeler
The New Company Drill at a Glance
Speeches Delivered in the House of Representatives January 19 1888 On the Presentation by the State of Massachusetts to the National Government of Portraits of Ex-Speakers Sedgwick Varnum and Banks
The Substance of an Address to the Students at Guys Hospital at the Close of the Lectures on Experimental Philosophy
Biographical Memoir of Arnold Hague 1840-1917 (1919)
Remarks of the Hon Peleg Sprague at Faneuil Hall Before the Citizens of Boston and Its Vicinity Upon the Character and Services of Gen William Henry Harrison of Ohio the Whig Candidate for the Presidency of the United States
Peter and Susan Lesley
Capital and Profits
The Montreal Medical Gazette Volume 1 N6
The Right-Fall Heir Or the Sea-Rover the Fall Over A Burlesque in One Act
A Defense of the Rule of the Admiralty Court in Cases of Collision Between Ships in a Letter to the Right Honourable Lord Selborne C C
Memoir of the Life of Charles Short Late Professor of the Latin Language and Literature in Columbia College New York
An Essay on Percy Bysshe Shelley Being a Reprint of the Introductory Essay Prefixed to the Volume of [25 Spurious] Letters of Shelley Published by Edward Moxon in 1852
The Stone Lions of Cochiti
The Freedom of the Will A Study in Materialism
An Essay Upon Nursing and the Management of Children from Their Birth to Three Years of Age
The Navigation of the Lakes and Navigable Communications Therefrom to the Seaboard and to the Mississippi River
A New System of Laying Out Railway Turn-Outs Instantly By Inspection from Tables
The Study of English Literature Being the Inaugural Lecture Delivered at the University of Glasgow on Thursday October 18th 1900 Volume 3 Volume 22
The First Editions of the Writings of Thomas Hardy and Their Values A Bibliographical Handbook for Collectors Booksellers Librarians and Others
Special Report Relative to Public Documents
A Tribute to the Memory of Mrs Mary M Davis
Handbook of the Venezuelan Question and the Monroe Doctrine Containing a Full History of the Monroe Doctrine President Clevelands Message the Bear Raid on American Securities and the Complete Correspondence Between Secretary Olney and Lord Salisbury
The Normality of Shakespeare Illustrated in His Treatment of Love and Marriage
The Budget
The Latent Time of the Knee-Jerk
The Wider Outlook Beyond the World War
The Supreme Sacrifice the Seven Words from the Cross
The Tariff Speech of Hon Chauncey M DePew of New York in the Senate of the United States Monday May 17 1909
The War Spirit of Germany
John John the Husband Tyb His Wife and Sir John the Priest 1533
Fire Protection for Grain Fields With Special Reference to Fire Protective Appliances for Grain-Harvesting Machinery
Chinese Immigration Speech of Hon Horace Davis of California in the House of Representatives June 8 1878
Annual Reports Town of Bridgewater New Hampshire Volume 1904
Life and Adventures of Jeff Davis
Address at the Unveiling of the Statue of Alexander Hamilton In Central Park New York November 22 1880
Sham A Social Satire
Address at the American Pomological Society Volume 19th 1883
Annual Report Town of Center Harbor New Hampshire Volume 1894
Annual Report Town of Center Harbor New Hampshire Volume 1907
Rubber and Its Relatives
The Seal of Apostleship An Ordination Sermon Preached at St Andrews Church Red River on Sunday December 22 1850
Communication to the City Council on the Subject of Introducing Water in the City Theodore Lyman Jr
Legal Reform An Address to the Graduating Class of the Law School of the University of Albany Delivered March 23 1855
Professor Royces Libel a Public Appeal for Redress to the Corporation and Overseers of Harvard Uni
Important Insecticides Directions for Their Preparation and Use
Bulletin Volume 159
Bulletin Volume 3 No 1
A New Departure in the Treatment of Inmates of Penal Institutions
Edwin and Eltruda A Legendary Tale
Labor-Making Machinery An Essay Read Before the Chicago Philosophical Society April 12 1879
Subjects and Methods in Political and Economic Debates
The Michigan Medical Society
Secular and Religious Education a Sermon
Physical Education in Denmark
A Charge at Fort Doneslon
Report of the Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin
Address by Thomas E Vermilye at the Opening of the Roosevelt Hospital November 2 1871
Direct Government in California An Address Read at the National Popular Government League at Their Convention Held in the City of Washington DC on July 5 and 6 1916 on the Operation of the Initiative Referendum and Recall from 1903 to 1916
Dio Chrysostom as a Homeric Critic
Melrose Abbey with Notes Descriptive and Historical
A Discourse Delivered at Union College Schenectady
The Development of the Conceptacle in Fucus
An Appeal to Christians On the Immorality of Using or Vending Distilled Liquors as an Article of Luxury or Diet
The Predominant Issue
Questione Di Diritto Penale Una
The Ute War of 1879 Why the Indian Bureau Should Be Transferred from the Department of the Interior to the Department of War
The Parting and the Meeting or the Burial of Yarmouth Bridge A Poem
The Age of the Earth
Health Laws of the State of California Including Law for the Registration of Vital Statistices on California
Agricultural Relief Hearings Before 66-3 December 17 1920
The Threatened Famine a Divine Judgment for National Unfaithfulness a Sermon
Expedition of Captain Fisk to the Rocky Mountains Letter from the Secretary of War in Answer to a Resolution of the House of February 26
To Poland in War-Time a Journey Into the East
An Address Delivered at Northampton Before the Hampshire Franklin Hampden Agricultural Society October 27 1830
His Friends Widow
Songs of a Devotee
Two Sermos Preached in the Church of S Aloysius Oxford
Annual Report of the State Charities Aid Association to the State Commission in Lunacy
Gaspardo the Gondolier Or the Three Banished Men of Milan! a Drama in Three Acts
Maintain Plighted Faith
Suppressed Defence The Defence of Mary-Anne Carlile to the Vice Societys Indictment Against the
Our Holy and Our Beautiful House the Church of England A Sermon Preached at the Re-Opening of the
Johanes Blatzs Mistake
Dinorah (Le Pardon de Ploermel) Containing the Italian Text with an English Translation the Music
Facts about Ireland for Consideration of American Citizens by the Delegates of the Protestant Churches of Ireland
A Vindication of Natural Diet
Introduction of American Fishes Into New Zealand from Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries Volume XXVIII 1908 Proceedings of the Fourth International Fishery Congress Washington 1908
A Brief History of the American Consulate General at Guayaquil Ecuador
The History of the Law of Arrest in Personal Actions Showing Its Severity and Inexpediency and the Mischiefs Incident to the System of Bail with Practical Amendments
Christmas Blessings
Further Additional Urgent Deficiency Bill 1916 Hearing Before Subcommittee
Golden Heads
Manual of Instructions for County Forest Wardens and District Forest Wardens and Information in Regard to the Prevention and Suppression of Forest Fires
Criminal Aggression By Whom Committed?
Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations House of Representatives Ninety-Second Congress Second Session
Phi Beta Kappa Officers Constitution Minutes Etc of the United Chapters
Effect of Different Methods of Transpanting Coffee
Gotterdammerung The Dusk of the Gods
Historical Address Delivered by Ex-Mayor Wm H Furber in the High School Building Somerville July 4 1876
Etude Sur La Topographie de La Ville DAcre Au Xiiie Siecle
Jonathan [A Song of David] the Sacred Prize Poem 1902
Biographical Sketches of Captian Ebenezer Davis
The Great End and Design of Christianity
Some Notes Upon the History of the Times 1785-1904
Bladed Warclubs from British Guiana
On Havamal Verses 2 and 3 (Bugges Edition)
Travellers Wonders And Other Stories
History of Pomfret A Discourse Delivered on the Day of Annual Thanksgiving in the First Church in
Thomas Balch and the Geneva Tribunal
Company D 16 Maine Vols A Brief History of the Individual Services of Its Members 1862-1865
Memoir of Leonice Marston Sampson Moulton Read at the Request of the Old Colony Historical Society at Taunton Mass July 2 1897
Notes on Some Injurious Insects
Special Agents Series Issue 19
Two Discourses Delivered March 8th and 15th 1863 On the Completion of a Century and a Half from the Organization of the Congregational Church in West Hartford Conn
The Letters of President Lincoln on Questions of National Policy
Public Education An Address Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives in the Capitol at Lansing on the Evening of January 28th 1857
Corrigenda and Explanations of the Text of Shakespeare
Fredericksburg and Adjacent National Battlefields Memorial Park Associatio
Descriptions of Two New Leeches from Porto Rico
Rededication of the Paine Monument and Assignment of Its Custody to the City of New Rochelle A Record of the Exercises and Report of the Speeches Delivered at the Monument on Saturday October 14th
Carnaval Mignon For the Pianoforte Op 48
Later Roman Education in Ausonius Capella and the Theodosian Code With Translations and Commentary
Observations on Coinage and Our Present Monetary System
A Manual of the Cultivation of the Grasses and Forage Plants at the South
Selections from the Records of the Madras Government Dutch Records
Reasons for Thanksgiving a Discourse to the Congregational Church and Society in Stockbridge Mass
What I Know about the Alcohol Question The Only Way to Settle It
The Fertility of the Soil Being the Seventeenth Robert Boyle Lecture Delivered Before the Oxford University Junior Scientific Club on the 3rd of June 1910
List of Officers and Members June 1904
The Independents Religious Census of Sheffield Rotherham Chesterfield [C] Repr with Additions from the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent
Gaelic Texts for Schools (New Code)
Platonis Menexenus from the Text of Bekker
Message of the Governor
Annual Report Volume 20
The Essentials of Greek Accidence with Examples
Article from the New Orleans Bee of August 20 1871
Artemus Ward His Book And Major Jack Downing
Sermon July 6 1824 at the Dedication of the New Meeting-House in Tewksbury Mass
A Statement of Facts in Relation to the Call and Installation of the REV Mark Tucker Over the Society in Northampton Together with His Correspondence on the Subject of Exchanges
Virginia Mauds Birthday Party
Infidelity Tested by Fact a Series of Papers Repr from The Church
Immortality Lost by the Fall and Recovered by Jesus Christ [By JH]
Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia
Annual Program for the Observance of Arbor Day in the Schools of Rhode Island
Observations on the Treatment of Public Plantations More Especially Relating to the Use of the Axe
McGill College Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Medical Faculty 1882
A Statement in Regard to the Huntington Avenue Lands in the City of Boston
Mr Bright on Redistribution Being a Refutation by Lord Salisbury Himself of His Misrepresentation of Mr Bright Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Work of Tagore
A Word for the Mother Tongue An Inaugural Lecture Delivered November 17 1876 Volume 1 Volume 10
Album of Moline
National Anniversary Address
Mr Webster and His Revilers Volume 1
Platform of the American Anti-Slavery Society and Its Auxiliaries Volume 1
National Park Service Report
Ode to France
The Shepherds Vision A Christmas Cantata for Soprano (or Tenor) Bass Soli Chorus and Organ
A Tribute to the Memory of William Cowper Author of the Task and Other Poems Occasioned by the Perusal of His Works and Hayleys Memoirs of His Life
Annual of the University Club
Our Political Practice The Usurpations of Vice Through the Popular Negligence Volume 2
Patriotic and Other Poems
Mr Webster and His Revilers Volume 2
The Tracy Steam Purifier for Insuring Dry and Clean Steam Before It Leaves the Boiler Catalogue No10 Manufactured by the Tracy Engineering Co
Remarks on Certain Topics Connected with the General Subject of Slavery
Occasional Poems
The Mystery of the Marbles An Exposition
Nazareth A Morality in One Act
Move on
Oration Delivered at Portland by Matthew P Deady July 4 1885 Published by the Committee of Arrangements
A Poem Exhibiting the Creation of the World the Fall Redemption of Man and the Final Judgement
Proofs Considered of the Early Settlement of Acadie by the Dutch Being an Appendix to the Dutch in Maine
Plan for Seizing and Carrying to New-York Coll Wm Goffe the Regicide As Set Forth in the Affidavit of John London Apr 20 1678
The Western Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library
Official AAU Basketball Guide
The Relation Between Thought and Action from the German and from the Classical Point of View
The Registers of Kempsford Co Gloucester 1653-1700
Florida Hill Country Or Agricultural Attractions of Leon County Florida
Miss Cullens Seat Occupation
The Farmers and Mechanics Almanack Volume 1837
Battle Hymn of the Kingdom
Experiments in the Disposal of Irrigated Crops Through the Use of Hogs
Americans of German Origin and the War
The Fish
Andrew Sloan Draper Commissioner of Education of the State of New York
Leaves from the Signal ELM
From Slavery to Citizenship
Sylvan Reveries
Constitution of the National Society of United States Daughters of 1812
Hawaiian Annexation
Evert Augustus Duyckinck
Report on American Histories
Souvenir Erie Penna
Education in Great Britain and Ireland 1904-1906
The Trial of George Robert Fitzgerald Esq Timothy Brecknock Esq Barrister at Law and Others for the Murder of Patrick Randal McDonnel Esq and Mr Hipson
Tea-Culture as a Probable American Industry
Ueber Abel Mathieu Deuis de La Langue Francoise Paris 1572
Two Rhymes
Veterinary Service United States Army Hearings Before the Committee on Military Affairs House of Representatives on HR 16843 a Bill to Consolidate the Veterinary Service United States Army and to Increase Its Efficiency
Report of the International Meteorological Congress at Paris France September 19-26 1889
General Specifications for Steel Highway Bridges and Viaducts
Oil and Gas Resources of the Northeastern Part of Sumner County Tennessee
A Treatise on the Game of Ecarte Tr from [Traite de LEcarte] with Additions by an Amateur
A List of Printed Service Books According to the Ancient Uses of the Anglican Church
Intellectual Leadership Illustrated in American History
National Monuments Ireland Historical and Descriptive Notes with Ground Plans Elevations Sections and Details of the Ecclesiastical Remains at Sligo Abbey Co Sligo
A Study in the Ethics of the Early Romantic School in Germany
The Scheme for the Regulation and Administration of the Charities Founded by William Norton George Bishop Christopher Meredith and John Norton Under the Management of the Stationers Company Approved by the High Court of Chancery
Program of Training in Gas Defense for Divisional Anti-Gas Schools
Address to the California State Medical Society
Buonaparte the Royal Exchange Odes of Horace Etc
Lesson Plans in Arithmetic
Report Volume No2
The Influence of the Proprietors in Founding the State of New Jersey
Immediate Not Gradual Abolition Or an Inquiry Into the Shortest Safest and Most Effectual Means
Fundamental Peace Ideas
Inauguration of the State Capitol at Des Moines Iowa
Jacques Marquette Et La Decouverte de La Vallee Du Mississipi
Private Legislation (Scotland) Reports Volume 7
Common Council and Select Council
The Lament of the Emerald Isle
The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council A Paper Presented at the Thirty-Second Annual Meeting of the New York State Bar Association Held at the City of Buffalo on the 28th and 29th of January 1909
The Inaugural Address
The Historic Purchase of Freedom an Oration Delivered Before the Fraternity in the Music Hall Bos
Deck the Altar with Blossoms Fair
California Union and Freedom
The Curtained Throne A Sermon Suggested by the Death of President Lincoln Preached in the Presbyterian Church of Bedford Pa April 23 1865 and Repeated April 30 1865
The Whole Question of Taxation Is Remitted by This Bill to the People
Circular of Information of the Naval Order of the United States
Band of Botsford
Austria and Its Policy A Lecture Delivered at Astoaria N Y January 21st 1853
Certificate of Incorporation
Doves Wings
Claims of the Government of France
Everyday Classics First Reader
Freedom or Despotism the Voice of Our Brothers Blood Its Source and Its Summons a Discourse Occasioned by the Sumner and Kansas Outrages Preached in Newark June 8th and 15th 1856
Annual Reports for the Town of Bristol New Hampshire Volume 1875
A Lecture on the Best Mode of Utilising Sewage of Towns Delivered Before the Dorchester Farmers Club Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1923
The Night-Raven
Book of Instructions the Priscilla Weaving Art
Report on the Examination of Foods Drugs and Public Water-Supplies (Water Survey)
The High Cost of Elections in Chicago and Cook County
Edelweiss and Alprose
Summer Hotel Guide
Views of the Hon J L Alcorn on the Political Situation of Mississippi
Medici Lace and the Art of Making It
Experiments with Single-Stalk Cotton Culture in Louisiana Arkansas and North Carolina
Southern Hatred of the American Government the People of the North and Free Institutions
Stamp Reporter
Balmville from the First Settlement to 1860
Womens Patriotic Association for Diminishing the Use of Imported Luxuries No 694 Broadway New York Organized May 16th 1864
The Triumph of Light A California Midwinter Sun Mystery
Elements of Agriculture for Public Schools 1904
Sketches of South Carolina
Select List of References on Industrial Arbitration
The Organization and By-Laws of the Tribune Association
Booklet of Information Regarding the American-Irish Historical Society
Our Female Volunteer
Panegyric on Thomas Butler the Tenth Earl of Ormonde
New Acts and Amendments to Massachusetts Fish and Game Laws 1916 and 1917
Report of Brig Gen Henry M Naglee Commanding First Brigade Caseys Division Army of the Potomac
Oration Delivered Before the City Council and Citizens of Boston on the One Hundred and Twenty-Second Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence Monday July 4 1898
Application of the Mosaic System of Chronology
Notes of Colonel W G Moore Private Secretary to President Johnson 1866-1868
At the Well Side
The Translation and Publication of the Manuscript Dutch Records of New Netherland
Message from the Governor of Pennsylvania Transmitting the Reports of the Joint Commissioners and of Col Graham US Engineers in Relation to the Lines Between the States of Pennsylvania Delaware and Maryland
The Departed Saint a Discourse Delivered Brooklyn NY at the Funeral of Mrs Tryphena Smith O
Cabotos Juan y Sebastian Los
Oration Delivered at the Centennial Celebration of Cleveland Ohio on Perrys Victory Day September 10 1896
Memorial of Captain Charles Cochrane a British Officer in the Revolutionary War 1774-1781
Needmores Rag-Time Poems
Memoirs of Natural Sciences
Certain Important Provisions of the Public Utilities Law of Wisconsin and the Results of Their Operation
Principles of the Kantesian or Transcendental Philosophy
An Address to the Society of Friends on the Temperance Reformation
Thoughts Upon the Conduct of Our Administration in Relation Both to Great Britain and France More Especially in Reference to the Late Negotiation Concerning the Attack on the Chesapeake
Address Delivered in Commons Hall at Raleigh
Negro-Slavery No Evil Or the North and the South the Effects of Negro-Slavery as Exhibited in the Census by a Comparison of the Condition of the Slaveholding and Non-Slaveholding States Considered in a Report Made to the Platte County Self-Defensiv
Inaugural Address Delivered Before Knox College Metaphysical and Literary Society
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1911
Names of Officers and Enlisted Men from California Who Lost Their Lives While Serving in the Armed Forces of the United States During the World War
Improved Aerated Bread
At Hotel On-de-Blink
Report of the Committee on the Coloured Population of Answers of the President of the Colonization Society of Maryland in Obedience to the Order Adopted by the House of Delegates on the 4th of January 1841
Laws Rules and Regulations Governing the Control and Extermination of Contagious Infectious and Communicable Disease of Live Stock in Mississippi
How to Prosper in Boll Weevil Territory
California Fish and Game Volume V 6 No 3 July 1920
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1882
Annual Report for the Town of Bedford New Hampshire Volume 1889
Our Career
Annual Reports of the Town of Auburn New Hampshire Volume 1877
Differential Fecundity in Iowa A Study in Partial Correlation
Club and Vocational Training in Farming and Home-Making in Fountain County
Speech of Mr G P Marsh of Vermont on the Mexican War Delivered in the House of Representatives of the U S February 10 1848
Trial of Brig Gen William Hull For Treason Cowardice Neglect of Duty and Unofficial-Like Conduct with the Sentence of the Court and Remission Thereof by the President of the United States --
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1893
Girls Clothing Contest
Methods and Standards for the Production and Distribution of Certified Milk
God in Reason and Intuition A Philosophical Poem
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1904
New England States Special Geography of Massachusetts and Vermont Designed to Accompany Guyots New Intermediate Geography
The Function of a Public Library and Its Value to a Community A Paper Read Before the Round Table at St Louis Club Saturday Nov 8 1884
Germany and the War a Sermon
Etudes Myrmecologiques En 1875 Avec Remarques Sur Un Point de Lanatomie Des Coccides
Those Red Envelopes A Farce in One Act
Fresh Water Flora and Fauna of Central Park Preliminary Paper with Bibliography
Biennial Report of the Secretary of State State of Montana for the Period Volume 1920
Journal of the Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of North-Carolina [Serial] Volume 18th(1834)
Appropriation to Pay for the Danish West Indies Message from the President of the United States Inviting the Attention of the Congress to the Necessity for Making an Appropriation of $25000000 as Payment for the Purchase of the Danish West Indies Vo
Address to the People of Pennsylvania
Manual No II 1867
Admission of Mexican Agricultural Laborers Hearings 66 2
Instructions for Mounting Using and Caring for 8-Inch Barbette Cariages Model of 1892 for 8-Inch Rifle Model of 1888
The Day After the Wedding A Farce in One Act
Character and Results of the War
Memorial of the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Color of the United States January 29 1827 Referred to a Select Committee
Constitution of the National Institute of Letters Arts and Sciences Founded 1868
Conservation Through Education
In Charge of the Consul
Minutes of the Fifty-Third Annual Meeting of the Evan Luth Synod Ministerium of North Carolina Convened at St Pauls Church Iredell County on Thursday April 30 1857 With Minutes of the Synodical Missionary and Educational Society Appended
A Brief Reply to the History of Standing Armies in England With Some Account of the Authors
Family Altar Helps and Suggestions for Family Worship
History of Barton Landing an Address
An Account of the Only Known Manuscript of Shakespeares Plays Comprising Some Important Variations and Corrections in the Merry Wives of Windsor Obtained from a Playhouse Copy of That Play Recently Discovered
The Ministerial Duty Set Forth In an Anniversary Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford on the Last Sunday in June 1740 by Richard Newton
List of Premiums of the Rhode Island Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry with the Rules Regulations and Programme for the Cattle Show and Exhibition at Narragansett Park Cranston Rhode Island and at Howard Hall Providence RI Septem
J Willard Ragsdale (Late a Representative from South Carolina) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Sixth Congress Second Session January 25 1920
Monument at Germantown
Research Department Report on the Paper Manufacturing Industry
In Memoriam Alfred Nobel President American Institute of Consulting Engineers 1913-1914 Unveiling Memorial Tablet by American Institute of Consulting Engineers March 15 1922 Volume 67
A Brief History of Old and New Sarum
Circular Letter of D Levy to the People of Florida
Commemoration of the Fourth Centenary of the Discovery of America Madrid 1892
Atlanta a Twentieth-Century City
On the Government of the Territories The Constitutional Power of the General Government and the People in the Federal Territories

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